Looking good just isn’t enough.

Do you mean business?
Does your website?

At some point, you’ve probably stumbled across a website that took your breath away. Great visuals will do that. For better or worse, it’s like a Super Bowl commercial. Might be fun to make something that cool, but does it serve your business?

For your website to work on your behalf, it’s got to have message in the driver’s seat and there needs to be purpose on every page—not just chunks of information.

People don’t read on the web because:

  • The screen is hard on the eye
  • People are on the hunt (and they’ve got lots of other options if they don’t find what they want on your site).

So it’s critical that you convey information as quickly as possible—and by that, we don’t just meant words. Your content encompasses everything on your site. If you let message be your guide, you can strategize all that lovely content so that people understand immediately who you are and what you can do for them.


"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996