Samples of our work

Putting Web content strategy to work shifts the focus of website planning. Design comes later in the chronology of the process and is shaped less by individual taste and more by consensus about how the look and feel can support a site’s purpose. Several aspects come under close scrutiny, including:


Overhaul of a 2,000-page site meant transforming information-heavy pages that had no sales funnel into detailed, easy-to-absorb descriptions of services, with immediate access to purchase.

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Identified the heart of this firm’s value, chunked it into digestible themes, wrote text with transparent language. Gave subheads accent-color to make structure clear. Divided text with a representative image.

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Reorganized and rewrote entire existing site. Restructured the site to make media experience more prominent. Broke up long, text-heavy pages into easy-to-absorb segments. Established professional but friendly voice.

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Wrote and rewrote online marketing materials for Internet services providers. Recast material on nine complex topics to create a choice of professional, technical and user-friendly voices for providers.

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Structured the site to take advantage of more than 100 images, using them in several sizes and formats, including a fade-in slider on the home page and portfolio pages with thumbnails, as well as embedded static images.

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Punctuated this information-rich site with a highly targeted message to voice the client’s call to action. Created a flash excerpt that opens on the home page when a visitor first arrives but stops after one repeat to minimize commercial feel.

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Translated clients’ experience into a visual metaphor that carries through all stages of target audience’s process. Varied imagery types. Combined ancient images with modern type and a brilliant dash of color.

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"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996