Say anything. Not.

Your business needs a website of few words. The right ones.

You may look at your website as the graphic design or the technology behind it. But really, a website is simply what people get out of it. And that’s content.

Don’t put the words last.

Don’t think that you’ll “plug in some text” at some point. You may be enthralled by all the pretty stuff. But it’s like eating dessert first. And your site visitors may wonder, “Where’s the beef?”

Let’s assume that not every site visitor will take the National Geographic approach and just look at the pictures. Maybe your users will come to learn something, or do something. Are you ready to give them that? A site that’s just razzle-dazzle tends to fizzle pretty fast. You’ve got to deliver, and do it right away. Everybody’s short on time. Be succinct and people will stick around. Get long-winded and wave bye-bye.


"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996