What is content?

It may be more than you realize.

To be fair, the term “content” is defined differently by different practitioners in the Web realm. We take a comprehensive view. For us, content is everything you see on a Web page, including:

Menus / navigation

The structure of your site is one of your first points of connection with your users. Where do they want to go? Where can you take them?



Whether we’re talking headlines, subheads, text, or lists, the goal is to be succinct. People don’t read on the Web—they scan and skim. What’s the fastest way to get them through your information?



  • How many?
  • Which ones?
  • How big?
  • Moving? Static? Captioned?



Cross-pollinate your content by linking page to page. Users get more information and a smoother ride through your site, and you can point them where you want them to go. (Also consider a judicious and reciprocal linking strategy with other sites.)



Easy and secure—that’s all people really want when they come to buy something or pay for services. The experience should be structured to be seamless so users feel safe as they go through it.



People go on the Internet to answer a question or accomplish a task. Could you become a source of information that will build trust with your users?




Got forms that need to be filled out and emailed back? Do users come to you looking for certain documents? Downloads are another way to connect with people.

"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996