Case Study No. 1:

Raising function to the surface of a site


Redesign for a financial service

The client offered a new and growing service that allows people to send money internationally by cell phone. Ultimately, it is expected to serve people in 180 countries. The constraints of the project were complex:

  1. Though money could be received on a cell phone under any circumstances, there were three different ways to send money to a cell phone (in person, online, or by cell phone).
  2. Some countries allowed both sending and receiving, while others allowed only one or the other.
  3. Money could only be sent through certain mobile service providers.

Because of the complexity of the undertaking, the original plan was to create an individual page for each eventuality, which would have entailed the creation of thousands of pages. The challenge was to devise a more streamlined approach.

Existing site

The original website opened with a page showing a world map and a cell phone, with navigation links to information. The home page offered users no immediate place to choose what type of action they wish to take.

Redesigned site

The new configuration is designed to bring the basic function to the surface of the site (the home page) through the use of cascading dropdown menus that are driven by a database, similar to a travel website.


Choosing an action prompts a second panel to appear, where users have the option to directly input details like the specific sending and receiving countries.


The home page now offers users an immediate place to take action.

"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996