Case Study No. 2:


Rebranding and re-purposing a website

The site was originally built to collect public input about a 17-mile-long parks project on the banks of the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Envisioned as visually rich because of extensive imagery available, the site was given a gallery-style design that spoke to key points in the original project study. Public comments were divided into multiple categories. The master planning team and process were described. The site also provided:

  • posting of plans before and after public comment
  • email meeting notifications
  • Contact form and email address.


In mid-2011, the project transitioned out of the planning and design phase and was renamed and rebranded. City officials asked to have the site redesigned in line with new branding. They also wanted to reorganize it to shift the emphasis from direct public comment toward social media participation instead. The site will also feature updates on smaller projects within the project.



The main visual challenge was to use the new branding in a way that didn’t clash with the site’s wealth of imagery. The graphics were enlarged and positioned on the diagonal against a white background. A new logo replaced the master plan logo. With training, city staff will be equipped to update images and content.

"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996