Case study No. 4


Transforming information-heavy brochures into detailed, easy-to-absorb web pages

As part of a small team that overhauled the IHS website, I helped rewrite 2,000 pages, taking them from dense blocks of copy to quick reads that highlight information customers are most interested in—and present potential buyers with immediate access to purchase.

Automotive business intelligence is one of IHS’s top categories. But the five areas of cutting-edge vehicle technology that it specializes in were confined to downloadable brochures, which appeared on a single page that spoke only in broad terms designed to promote IHS instead of speaking directly to customers’ needs. There also was no opportunity for purchase on the page.


Each of the five brochures was transformed into its own web page, where it was given a detailed treatment. The opening section (in this case for Automotive Infotainment Platform Analysis) gives a general overview, with bulleted customer benefits. The middle section speaks to the challenges customers face and the solutions offered by the IHS product. The bottom presents case studies that could help users self-identify as buyers.

"Content is king." -- Bill Gates, 1996